Three Coiled Pots - Natural Forms

Three Coiled Pots - Natural Forms


Three Coiled Pots by Pottery Tutor, Margaret Crump


This is a group of three sculptural 'statement' pots, made with interior designers in mind. They have glossy, dark rust interior glaze contrasting with their highly textured matt charcoal/tan exteriors. Displayed as a group or on their own, their natural forms will compement beautiful flowers or look mysteriously elegant just as they are.

The tallest pot is 14cms high. I pinch and then add coils, using a highly textured stoneware clay, leaving their rims pleasantly 'unfinished' and natural. Their surfaces are repeatedly directionally scraped as they slowly dry in order to enhance their texture. After the first firing, while the insides are glazed watertight, the outsides are stained with oxides. They are then fired to 1,280 C

  • Dimensions

    The tallest pot is 14cms high