'Things of Substance' Poetry Book

'Things of Substance' Poetry Book


'Things of Substance': new and selected poems  by writer, Liz Cashday - a tutor at Bristol Folk House


An excerpt from the final stanza of the last poem in Things of Substance, Bicycles, written probably 20 years ago but very relevant to the world today:


"And....... when the wings
of my bicycle fold,  I'll head down
the dark tunnel of that world without me
to a place where broken bikes clank
their chains, ring their unremitting
bells, and where maybe I can unlearn
the piston movement of knee and calf,
the balance between falling one way 
or the other"



NB: Liz Cashdan is a poet who has been living in Bristol since 2017 which is when she started teaching at Bristol Folk House.  She also teaches at the Open College of the Arts and the WEA.  Her first shared poetry book was Troublesome Cattle which came out in 1995 and in The Mariner's Tale, told the story of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and his wife Sarah who was born in Bristol, and how the
story of the Ancient Mariner was probably based on Fletcher Christian, Captain Bligh and the Mutiny on the Bounty

Then came Liz's booklet on walking round Mont Blanc, Almost Like Talking, and her first
collection Laughing All the Way (out of print).  These were followed by Dear Mary, letters to Mary
Wollstonecraft as Liz footstepped her round Scandinvia (1996)  The Same Country (2006) 


In 2008 Liz had a residency in Iceland and out of that experience came Iceland Stories (2012) with digital images by Pat Hodson. In 2015 she wrote a sequence of poems, Sarah Simpson's Story about a Sheffield lass who got caught up in the events of the civil war in the USA and in which the SS Great Britain figures as an important aspect affecting Sarah's life 


Liz's  most recent collection is Things of Substance: new and selected poems (Five Leaves 2013).  Since then as a member of the Bristol Stanza poetry group she has had poems in  their
anthology, Calyx (2019)