The Holistic Learning Handbook

The Holistic Learning Handbook


The Holistic Learning Handbook by Nicki Davey and Lauren Goodey


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A beautifully illustrated treasure trove of ideas to help teachers, trainers, and other facilitators of learning to create memorable, engaging, and impactful learning experiences. "Part encyclopedia, part instruction manual, and part life guide."


Nicki started her career in training by teaching life skills to people coming out of institutions such as prison and psychiatric hospital and discovered she had a flair for helping people to learn, develop and grow.  Over 25 years later, she designs and delivers leadership, management, and interpersonal and communication skills to companies across the UK and beyond. Nicki believes that we all perform best when our mind is free, our body relaxed, and our creative potential unlocked. She draws inspiration from nature, the creative arts, and holistic/spiritual practices to create powerful, memorable, transformative learning experiences, and uses findings from neuroscience and psychology to generate faster, deeper, more memorable learning which learners put into practice.

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