Stoneware 'Spike' the Hedgehog

Stoneware 'Spike' the Hedgehog


Stoneware 'Spike' the Hedgehog by Margaret Crump a tutor at Bristol Folk House tutor and Potter.


Spike makes an ideal present, a Christmas stocking filler - more keepable than a birthday card, for lovers of whimsical ornaments and hedgehog fanciers! 


When left on his own, Spike has been known to get up to no good, however, each time a hedgehog is modelled it seems to take on a life and size of its own.


Margaret starts by poking a finger into a ball of clay, and 15 minutes later, a little brown Spike emerges.


After its first firing, Margaret stains and glaze its chest, features and fur, then fires it again to a whopping 1,280C.



  • Dimensions

    Each Hedgehog measures approximately 5.5 to 7cms from nose to tail