Set of 8 x Bristol Folk House postcards

Set of 8 x Bristol Folk House postcards


Set of 7 Bristol Folk House 'vintage' postcards


Bristol Folk House over the years has had some quirky and interesting covers to their programmes.  Anyone visiting our lovely cafe will also know about the unique cafe tables featuring the covers printed on the tables.


We are offering a selection of 8 postcard designs, as follows:


Take off on an Adventure - yellow - man in a flying machine

Take Centre Stage - buff colour with red banner - balancing on cotton reel

Time For A Spring Clean - buff colour - lady cleaning lettering

Instantly Cures Creative Shortcomings - blue man on wheels

Dive In This Summer - buff and blue banner with swimmer

Keeping You In The Pink This Summer - pink flamingo

Noise - buff colour with flowers

Summer Schools - buff colour with hummingbird


Each postcard has the postcard markings on the back with a space for address and stamp 

  • Dimensions

    Each postcard measures: 14.5cm x 10.5cm

    The usual postcard markings with a box for the stamp and lines for the address