Set of 3 Nesting Stone Dishes - dark navy

Set of 3 Nesting Stone Dishes - dark navy


Set of 3 Nesting Stone Dishes by Pottery Tutor, Margaret Crump


'Stonedishes' are pleasantly weighty little dishes that are just as much art objects as they are useful bowls for serving salt, sugar, relishes and olives or for tealights, precious objects or just collecting a bit of dust. They are remarkable for the contrast of their jewel-like interior with dark stony exterior. Displayed on a plain surface, they provide a unique accent for modern interiors.

These pots are carefully pinched out of coarse and drying stoneware clay. This technique causes the exterior surface to crack in a geological-looking fashion. If I like the look of the cracks, I set the bowl aside to dry for about a week.


After an intital firing to 1050C, the geological surfaces are stained with a natural oxide and the bowl surfaces glazed.


The dishes are available in 4 colours (see other listings);  jade green (a bit greener than the images),  rusty red/orange, dark navy and brilliant white.


Their very irregular diameters vary somewhat, but the largest is about 10 to 12cms.

  • Dimensions

    The largest dish is approximately 10-12 cms