One Stoneware Robin

One Stoneware Robin


Stoneware Robin by Margaret Crump a tutor at Bristol Folk House tutor and Potter.


Fancy a little robin to cheer a friend?  Margaret has been making theses lads and lasses for about five years (perhaps twenty per year?) but they all have their own personalities.


Margaret guarantees that they will be perfectly happy indoors or outdoors and look quite pleased with themselves on a garden wall, bookshelf or radiator.  They are hollow, but heavy for their natural size and have a hole in an intimate location in case you would like to secure them somewhere. 


As they are not at all territorial, they display well in pairs. 


They find it difficult to pose, so some look up, some look straight ahead, while others cock their heads, looking for lunch!  Occasionally, you might catch one with its beak slightly open?!

Margaret makes them by sticking a finger in a ball of coarse stoneware clay and pinching around and around to make a little balloon of clay.  Twenty minutes later, after using modelling tools and the shell of an old biro (in a top-secret method!)  a little brown Robin hatches. 


About a week later it is dry enough to fire to 1050C. 


A little painting with underglaze and glaze is followed by a stoneware firing to 1,280C

  • Dimensions

    Measures approximately 9cms beak to tail