Natural Stoneware Vase

Natural Stoneware Vase

Natural vase - a hand-built, sculptural stoneware form by tutor, Margaret Crump


This vase is an ideal decorative accent.  Let your flowers or twisted Hazel emerge from this earthy, sculptural vase.  Its form stands out, making this unique object display well on its own, too, especially on an undecorated surface
This unique sculptural vase is made by hand using the technique called coiling.  Each successive coil of coarse stoneware clay was rolled out and added to the classical, but pleasantly slightly asymmetrical growing form


The organic rim was made by patting in some natural coils in order to accent the making process


The gradually drying form was paddled and repeatedly scraped in order to give the it an upward sweeping grain


After its first firing to 1050C the interior is glazed a watery olive green and stained the exterior to accentuate its texture
  • Dimensions

    36cms high and weighs 2.1 kgs.