Hand-thrown pottery slipware mug

Hand-thrown pottery slipware mug


Pottery slipware mugs by Potter Steve Carter - a tutor at Bristol Folk House


Individually Hand-thrown earthenware glazed mug


Featuring wavy “finger-combed” slip decoration & special “serendipity” glaze fleck


All pots are dishwasher and microwave friendly and glazes have been tested to BS6748:1986”


NB: Steve Carter will be in touch with any buyers to arrange collection/delivery in Bristol


Steve Carter has been a potter since 1984 and a teacher at Bristol Folk House since 2008

"I’ve been very fortunate in being able to both teach and develop a workshop practice at home – in reality, a back-garden lean-to and a kiln shed! For me, the confluence of urban and ‘wild’ life in St.Werburghs – the latter brought into the city via a green corridor to the City Farm - has had much to do with the functional “Slipware” pottery that I make.Wheel-thrown terracotta is given surface colour and decoration via “what’s do-able by me” - with liquid clays otherwise called slips.Glazes then need to have a see-through property that can enhance that fluidity and movement.I do enjoy all the messy “husbandry” of the pottery process: recycling and mixing clays & making the slips and glazes from raw materials – to my own recipes.My aim – through these things – is to set off a ‘companionable quality’ in the finished pieces!" Steve Carter

  • Dimensions

    9cm h x 9cm diameter (inside top)