Coiled Stoneware Pot

Coiled Stoneware Pot


Coiled Pot by Bristol Folk House Tutor, Margaret Crump


Let your plant or dry or fresh flower arrangement emerge from this earthy, sculptural pot. Its rounded form is striking, even when displayed on its own, especially on an undecorated surface.

This sculptural vessel was made by hand using the coiling technique. Successive coils of coarse stoneware clay are rolled out to gradually build a cauldron-like form with an organic rim accentuating the making process


It is then paddled and the gradually drying outer surface is repeatedly scraped to give it a diagonal sweeping grain


After its first firing to 1050C the interior is glazed a rich, textured blue-grey-green with a stained  exterior to achieve maximum contrast

  • Dimensions

    19 cms high and weighs 2.7 kgs.